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The Wrinkle Cure

Botox Cosmetic has been used for years in medicine. Not until 2002 was it FDA approved for moderate to severe glabellar lines, better known as “frown lines”. Since that approval Botox Cosmetic has grown to become one of the most popular medical aesthetic procedures in the country with over 1.2 Million users. Surprisingly many people are still afraid of this ever so popular procedure. Lets clear up a few myths. Botox is not a poison. It will not “freeze” your face. And it does not hurt. It is probably one of the more comfortable procedures I perform. My goal during a Botox Cosmetic treatment is to leave the patient with the most natural result while still obtaining our goal of wrinkle removal. So naturally most people want to know where we can actually use Botox Cosmetic. It is FDA approved for the frown lines, but we can also use it off-label in the forehead, crows feet and lower face to help smooth wrinkles leaving the skin looking healthy and refreshed. If you think Botox may be for you, I would recommend a consultation. We have 2 locations, Baton Rouge and Gonzales and the consult is free. Call to schedule (225)927-7546 or simply request an appointment on our website.

Shelly Williamson Esnard, P.A.-C
Center Director

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