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Radiesse is a synthetic dermal filler. It is used to smooth out wrinkles and folds associated with the face and now the hands as well. However, it is also a great cosmetic procedure to add volume to the face in areas such as the lips and cheeks. Radiesse® is the first and only FDA-approved product for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the hands. Radiesse restores volume to the hands while providing smooth, natural-looking results that can be seen immediately and can last up to 1 year.


Typically only one treatment is necessary but some individuals may want additional treatments.

Common Questions

What is Radiesse?

It is made of calcium hydroxyapatite which is an organic substance similar to bone. Radiesse promotes the body’s own tissue growth thereby adding volume to the treated area. No animals or animal products are used to produce it and no skin test is required.

How is Radiesse administered?

A small needle is used to implant Radiesse into the desired area. Topical and/or local anesthesia can be used to minimize discomfort.

How long are the results?

Radiesse lasts up to a year however individual results can vary due to age, skin type, and muscle activity.

What are the side effects?

Tenderness, redness, bruising, swelling or bumps at the injection site are common. These are temporary,  if at all.

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