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Rhinoplasty (Nose)

Rhinoplasty also called cosmetic surgery of the nose or a “nose job,” is a very popular procedure that can make profound differences not only in the balance of facial features but also in a person’s self-esteem. The aesthetic improvements that a rhinoplasty surgeon can make include decreasing or increasing the size of the nose, altering the tip or bridge of the nose, and narrowing or changing the shape of the nostrils.

“Rhinoplasty is the most difficult operation to get predictable results,” says Dr. Perenack. “We are always looking for more predictability, less down time and a better experience for our patients and we found it with ultrasonic technology.”

That’s because ultrasonic vibrations allow surgeons to cut bones with greater precision without damaging blood vessels and nerves in previously hard to reach places. “Using ultrasonic technology takes a bit longer but is far superior to traditional methods,” Dr. Perenack says. “It allows us to make a very precise cut and set the bones exactly where we want them.”

The benefits of ultrasonic rhinoplasty are many, but these are the top reasons that make it the new and superior standard for reconstructing noses:

  • Greater precision
  • Less bleeding, swelling and black eyes
  • Fewer unwanted fractures
  • Faster recovery
  • More accurate cosmetic outcome

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An overly-prominent, misshapen, or disproportionate nose can affect a person’s self-confidence, and a deviated septum within the nose can affect breathing. The aesthetic improvements that Dr. Perenack performs may include decreasing or increasing the size of the nose, altering the tip or bridge of the nose, and narrowing or changing the shape of the nostrils. You can reach out to our patient coordinators to set up a consultation.


Nasal Surgery and Consultation

During a rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Perenack will meet with you and discuss your goals and review your desired alterations. Recommendations will be made based on your examination and your anticipated results. He will provide you with the personal attention needed before surgery so that you feel comfortable and educated about your decision. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, twilight sedation or general anesthesia.

Dr. Perenack approaches this outpatient surgery with the goal of balancing the face with proportionate facial structures and maintain or improve your ability to breath. Rhinoplasty reflects each patient’s unique personality while enhancing the facial silhouette at every angle. The nose job is in essence surgical sculpting of the nose and is accomplished by careful contouring of the bone and cartilage giving the nose its shape. At the same time deformities that cause breathing problems and some sinus disorders can be corrected.

A nose job can address issues including:

  • A nose that is too small or too large
  • A nose that is crooked or bent
  • A nose with bumps
  • A nose that is misshapen

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