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Survey Reveals Women’s Fears About Their Aging Bodies

A majority of American women today are more worried about maintaining their body than their face.

When most American women aged 25 and up look in the mirror these days, most can find one or two things they would like to change, according to a new survey of more than1,000 American women commissioned by Syneron Medical.

Fewer than one in 10 women are very satisfied with their current  appearance. So what improvements on the face or body ranked the highest on women’s wish list today?

Seven in ten women admit they are most worried about developing a tummy bulge now, and 66% are concerned about developing one in the future. Half are worried about wrinkles and/or fine lines today and now, and 57% fear them in the future, the survey showed.

American women’s perception of their bodies is a year-round concern, in or out of clothes. In fact, 73% of ladies admit that if they were to come into some money, they would be more likely to invest in a better body shape before a designer wardrobe.”

Unfortunately this confirms that the way most women feel about their body is universal. As women age time and childbearing takes its toll on a woman’s figure, fortunately there are options for woman that want to improve their body shape. Unfortunately there is lots of deceptive marketing and lots of “new technology” that promises lots and delivers very little.

There is still nothing as powerful as a Tummy Tuck to change the shape and appearance of a woman’s body, unfortunately Tummy Tucks have been given a bad rap over the last few years. Tummy Tucks repair the anatomical changes that occur to a woman’s body with childbirth.

There are multiple other modalities that can be used to change a woman’s shape. Laser Lipo, Excilis, VelaShape etc, but none are as powerful and none give the “Home Run” results a Tummy tuck can afford.

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