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Now Offering Laser Tattoo Removal In Both Our Gonzales and Baton Rouge Offices!

Williamson Cosmetic Center is proud to offer laser tattoo removal in Gonzales. We have long since provided the procedure in our Baton Rouge clinic and with increasing our office hours in our Gonzales location, tattoo removal is now available there as well.

Lynette Kennedy Arlati, our Nurse Practitioner who does our laser tattoo removal in Gonzales, is an expert tattoo removal clinician with over 10,000 laser treatments under her belt. She offers a free consultation to assess your particular tattoo and will give you an idea as to how many sessions you will need, a price for your laser tattoo removal and answer all of your questions about the treatment. Laser tattoo removal has come a long way over the years and we are happy to say we have the most up to date technology available to assure the best tattoo removal treatment possible. This treatment requires very minimal aftercare and there is no down time.

Come visit us in either our Gonzales or Baton Rouge clinics to receive your complimentary laser tattoo removal consult today!

-Lynette Arlati

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