Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Calf and Pectoral Enhancement

In recent years, cosmetic surgeons have developed ways of improving muscle contour with cosmetic implants and”sculpting” techniques. When we want to augment areas such as the buttocks, pectoral and/or calf area we choose a particular sculpting technique called Fat Grafting.

This procedure typically takes between 1-3 hours. It involves traditional liposuction which is used to harvest the fat from the donor site. The fat is then transferred to the area or areas which the patient desires augmented or enhanced. These areas include but not limited to: Breasts, Buttocks, Pectoral area, and Calf Area. This type of procedure can even be used to correct indentations and deformities caused by over aggressive liposuction or poor scarring.

Fat Grafting is a rapidly growing area of plastic surgery. Fat Grafting or transfer may take more than one procedure to achieve the desired results. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.