Upper Blepharoplasty Gallery

Ancient Greek philosophers believed the eyes to be”the windows to ones soul.” To this day, the eyes are regarded as the most important feature in determining facial beauty, harmony, and expressivity. We evaluate people’s moods or attitudes by the look in their eye, and are drawn to those whose eyes sparkle. Gravity, heredity, and years of exposure to the sun conspire to rob us of the sparkle of our youth. Aging changes around the eyes, in particular, occur early and are readily apparent. The delicate eyelid skin stretches and sags, and fatty pockets around the eyes bulge. These changes make us appear more tired or older than we are. Not surprisingly, when what a person projects does not match what he or she feels, they look for solutions. Today’s answer is blepharoplasty, also known as the eyelid lift. This revolutionary procedure can tighten eyelid skin and reduce bags, restoring a younger, healthier, and more rested appearance.